Eide Shoma Mobarak 1401!

Dorood Janam,


Eide Shoma Mobarak is one way to wish someone a Happy New Year in Persian.


Nowruz mobarak, which is the celebratory phrase for A Happy Persian New Year. The holiday began 3 days prior. Nowruz, which is celebrated for 13 days with activities and festivities. Nowruz or Norooz also means New Day while Nowruz mobarak means Happy New Year in Farsi, which is the dialect for Persian. The ambiance for which life is decorated through the magic of Haft Seen or Haft Sin, which is the 15th letter in the Persian Alphabet. The Haft Sin table represents Health, Wealth, Love and Prosperity (a traditional table setting which embodies the 7 elements of life, creations and the holy immortals protecting them), which includes Divan-e Hafez (دیوان حافظ)), which is a book of Persian Ghazals by Hafez. Hafez or Hafiz is one of the Great Persian Poets of the 13th Century; birthed from Shiraz, Iran.


Nowruz is derived from ancient times and has been celebrated all over the globe for more than 3,000 years. Other cultures who used to be part of native Iran celebrate it too; from Kurdistan, Tajikistan, India and Pakistan’s Parsi Communities, Afghanistan, and everyone within and connected to the Eye of Persia. Some of these nations make pilgrimages to Iran to honor their ancestors of the Great Zoroaster. Some also have family which still reside within various provinces like Fars Province and Khuzestan Province. Communities along the coast within the Persian Gulf from Hormozgan Province celebrate Nowruz (Norooz) as well. This was just an example. Prior to the holiday, many families come together for a Persian picnics in beautiful Persian Gardens to have sandwiches, kabobs, snacks, tea and to dance and be merry, have a picnic and jump over fires we have created at the picnic. Everyone brings fresh food to cook and at times, the sandwiches and teas are pre-made.


What we’re discussing is the origin of Zoroastrianism, which is one of the eldest monotheistic religions birthed from Persia🇮🇷. The holiday has been celebrated for well over 3,000 years and marks the 1st day of the Spring Equinox. Nowruz is celebrated with Persian rituals embodying family togetherness, love, and the eye of wealth.


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