Hayat (زندگی) & Elham (الهام بخش)

Hayat (زندگی) is the Persian name for Life.  Life can mean many things to many beings on earth, for humanity does not just have a life; they are life existing as the soul in human form. Hayat is the essence of the soul’s purpose within this realm. Every soul has a path, but not every being is highly cognizant they have a soul.

As we submerge into The Birth of Ancient Civilizations, we must tap into Hayat which is life. Then delve into Rooh (روح), which is soul. There’s much wisdom in many; from the child who is birthed from the womb from the vessel, who’s about to perish into the earth.

Just what have we learned from Hayat?

Could Hayat be like the Persian name for Inspiration, which is Elham?

Elham is the root of the soul, for inspiration is its being, and the route it takes you to align with its divine purpose and path within this portal. There is much to learn and one may not always learn outside of him. He or she shall learn within rooh, which is their soul.

There is more that shall align with the eastern idioms and parables of the ancient soul. For, every soul can learn from every soul, for every soul is enduring and encountering life.

Hayat (زندگی) and Elham (الهام بخش) are also names that can be utilized for little girls. It is said that the name of a soul bears the fortune of their life’s path.

However, I am utilizing these names because I want you to engage and converse within deeper in order to find the essence of your truth within. Your truth is often led by the eye of your soul. The eye is your heart. There is a deeper meaning within this facet of life beckoning the Journey of Soul™️ and prior to the release of the II Editions which include PARABLES OF HER SOUL and any other beings affiliated with the branding of PERSIAN❤️®️, the aim is to allow you to travel back to a place called home which is the source within you.

As I continue to share segments with you within the Journey of Soul™️ I would like you to ask yourself a few questions.

  • What is Hayat (گی)?
  • What is Elham (الهام بخش)?
  • What does it mean to you?

For there are no myths behind philosophies of the wisdom birthed from the East. It’s birthed by the soul of a man who writes. For, when you can answer these questions you have just answered for life; your life. All life leads to life within leading you back to your soul. Honor Your Soul.

🕊🌹Welcome to A Mystic’s Vision🇮🇷🌹🕊





2 Comments on “Hayat (زندگی) & Elham (الهام بخش)

  1. This is such a beautiful and touching piece. It explains so much about where we come from and how much of us we have suppressed by the modern lifestyle.

    This was a sad and beautiful piece as it shows how holistic life and the understanding of it was and how much we have moved away from that by separation and division.

    The 7 elements are really interesting and such powerful values for children to be raised with.

    Thank you for sharing such wisdom as always. 💕🙏🏼

    • Khosh aamadid, Azize Delam. I, sincerely appreciate you. Life is all connected. Separation is the illusion indoctrinated but, much can be reframed as we delve within the eye of our soul. You are valued, fellow Queen. 🤍💞🤍💥🤲

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