Divine Alignments


A Mystic’s Vision is the birthing of soul, through the eye of humanity. The story aligns within The Journey of Soul, as the author moves from the eye of her soul, within the heart of Persia amid the East. More prose and eastern mysticism magnify what’s to come. Birthing the soul’s heart within every passage written. The author embodies The Journey of Soul within mind’s eye. For the human mind to see, one must believe.

There are more updates from the eye of soul. Collaborations and/or business ventures with designers you may or may not have been accustomed too. View: Samar Murad

Discussions and updates are available upon request, including the next book release, projects, and insight(s) for your Journey of Soul. Kheili mamnoon: Thank you.



Kyemma Presents The Eye of Iran: Welcome to A Mystic’s Vision  

Kyemma Dancing in Iran