Divine Alignments

Kyemma is featured in the 2nd Issue of Magistra Magazine during her time home in Iran. The article had been published while the author was in Shiraz, Iran. Her story is about the journey of soul with Scripts Among Her Glass Walls; flowing from the eye, where we align within the eye while honoring the soul’s purpose within this realm. Magistra Magazine is known for its impact and philanthropic ventures to educate young girls and women worldwide. All proceeds from the magazine go toward the empowerment of women and fall in alignment with the author’s love for enlightening and inspiring the next generation of leaders, which is “Each One Teach, Together We Can Make a Difference.” A mantra the author heeds from her soul. For more on Magistra Magazine, check out In addition to being featured in the magazine, Kyemma has aligned with Samar Murad for her fashion collezione, which depicts The Eye of The East where the book was birthed and rebirthed in Iran. Kyemma will be wearing designs from Samar Murad during Press Events, Galas and anything in association with Scripts Among Her Glass Walls, Persian Love & Iran. For more information on Samar Murad, The Soulful Bahraini Persian Designer, view; Also stay tuned for more work and collaborations with Kyemma & Samar Murad. Merci.



Kyemma Presents The Eye of Iran: Welcome to A Mystic’s Vision  

Kyemma Dancing in Iran